The Olympic Flame

(Trumpet of Glory)

Athens2004 Marathon Events - Marathon, Greece

“Your extraordinary music complemented, in the best way, the events for
     The arrival of the Olympic Flame on August 10
     The Women’s Marathon on August 22
     The Paralympics on September 13
Your music totally enveloped the emotional moments which our
community experienced during the arrival of the flame of life.”

" H uperoch mousikh saV sunodeuse me ton kalutero tropo tiV ekdhlwseiV gia thn afixh thV FlogaV stiV 10 Augoustou, to Maraqwnio Gunaikwn stiV 22 Augoustou alla kuriwV tiV ekdhlwseiV gia thn paraolumpiakh floga stiV 13 Septembriou opou agkaliase pragmatika tiV sugkinhtikeV stigmeV pou azhse o DhmoV maV kata thn afixh thV flogaV thV zwhV . "

Evangelos Mexis
Mayor of Marathon, Greece

Honored by the Greek Olympic Committee Sevy wrote and performed
this Anthem for the Sydney 2000 Torch Festival in Greece.

"The torch of freedom has always been protected by the Greeks.
  The Olympic Torch is being protected by a girl from the Diaspora."

" Thn floga thV eleuqeriaV, thn prostateuan panta oi EllhneV.
  Thn Olumpiakh Floga thn prostateuei ena koritsi thV DiasporaV.

Chris Spirou
President, Hellenic American Union

"Your inspired work evokes awe, admiration and emotion."

" To empneusmeno saV ergo prokalei qaumasmo kai sugkinsh. "

Office of the President
Athens 2004 Olympics

Essence of the Anthem

A beautifully composed anthem written in a contemporary classical style, Sevy’s work captures a unique perspective and sense of history which resonates the Olympic Truce’s message of peace. It depicts an image of different hands passing the torch through time. It describes the paradox that we, mortal and imperfect as we are, have managed to carry safely the Olympic Torch “through changing ages”, to keep its virtuous light immortal, and to continue to “raise it high” in a universal prayer for peace on earth.

Refrain 2: Sweet Trumpet of Glory,

Call the gods in urgent song.

We hold on for peace through our troubled story,

Though the road is hard,

And the race is long.

- Sevy Phalangas © 2000

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